Airtight 250x100

Product description

Head insulation in house separating cavity walls. With the Airtight, an airtight as well as a thermal and acoustic seal between building parts is realized surprisingly easily in one operation. The Airtight consists of a vacuumed strip of mineral wool wrapped in a vapor barrier PE-foil. After placing and puncturing the vacuum foil, the wool expands and the Airtight completely fills the entire space.

The realized connection is thermally insulated, airtight and fireproof. The Airtight can be used for variable cavity widths and ensures a guaranteed airtightness of the floors. For an airtight seal of class 3 'passive construction', the mineral wool must be twice as thick as the connection to be closed. The Airtight is light and thin and therefore easy to assemble. It is resistant to all weather influences and after application has a high mechanical resistance and will not be damaged as a result.

The mineral wool is vacuum-sealed for airtight applications. After installation, the mineral wool can expand in a controlled manner by puncturing it to fill the space separating the house between the hollow-core slab floors. The mineral wool base falls into the highest fire class (A1, according to NEN-EN 13501-1). The PE-foil is flame retardant.


  • No internal condensation, thermally sealed
  • Airtightness of the composite structure, airtight
  • No impact sound etc., soundproof
  • Very easy and fast assembly
  • No propellants or chemicals
  • Ready immediately without waste, easy to separate at demolition
  • Applicable for variable cavity widths, such as those encountered in prefab construction


Connections between components > 10 mm such as:
  • Closing hollow-core slab floors house-separating cavity walls
  • Closing roof elements at home separating cavity
  • Closing facade elements on hull
  • Other connections (e.g. window frames)
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Airtight – luchtdichtheidsklasse

Materiaal keuzetabel voor luchtdichtheid volgens SBRCUR.

Hoe energiezuiniger het gebouw, hoe lager de EPC. Sinds 1 januari 2011 geldt er vanuit het Bouwbesluit een EPC eis van 0,6 voor woningen. Vanaf 1 januari 2015 is deze verder verlaagd naar 0,4. In de toekomst zullen de eisen alleen maar strenger worden.

Om dit te kunnen behalen moeten er energiebesparende bouwkundige maatregelen worden genomen. Door toepassing van de Airtight kan op eenvoudige wijze een luchtdichte aansluiting van prefab vloeren worden gerealiseerd wat een positieve bijdrage levert aan de energiezuinigheid van de woning.


Keuze tabel Luchtdichtheidsklasse

qv;10 (dm³/s.m²)benodigde dikte geëxpandeerde Airtight
0,4*1,5 x spouwbreedte
0,2*2,0 x spouwbreedte
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