Product description

Firetight is a specially developed solution for airtight sealing of cavity walls in buildings, which also immediately makes the cavity fire-retardant. Firetight can make rooms in buildings fire-retardant sealed, so that a potential fire cannot simply spread to adjacent areas.

Firetight can be used anywhere in a building, where the cavity between floors, walls and facades must be able to withstand a fierce and expanding fire for a longer period of time.
Firetight prevents fire spreading between different floors in high buildings, such as residential towers, hospitals, offices, etc.


  • Has an extremely high fire resistance (up to 3+ hours EI)
  • Can be accurately dimensioned in advance and can be inspected afterwards
  • Can be installed quickly and easily without the need for additional fasteners
  • Contributes to the facade insulation (lambda 0.034 W / m.K)
  • Follows movements of expansion, contraction or wind load of the facade
  • Weather resistant and can be placed during the structural work
  • Sustainable and recyclable
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Firetight consists of a vacuumed strip of rock wool packed in a vapor barrier PE-foil. After placing and puncturing the vacuum foil, the wool expands and Firetight completely fills the entire space.

With wide cavities, instead of a single row of Firetight, one can use double row Firetight to fill the space. The realized connection is thermally insulated, airtight and fire resistant for three to four hours.
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